Monday, 21 October 2013


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Based on the online market research, online survey for money are now widely considered as a work at home job. Scams can be a major factor why most are uncertain whether opinion survey is legitimate.

How to get paid for surveys?

This is the first question that pops up your mind when you consider to survey for cash. You may check on the company’s terms and conditions on how the company operates with the online survey job. Make sure that the condition indicates a pay for cash basis not coupon points. The main point you join paid online surveys is to earn cash not points.

Can you really get paid to take surveys?

If you follow the answers in the abovementioned question then YES. Yes you can really get paid to take surveys. But if the company requires an upfront payment or an admin registration fee then you should have the red flag alert because that company might be a scam or not legitimate.

Is paid surveys at home legit?

Surveys that pay. A stream line of the company website that is so encouraging for online workers. Whether or not it is legit, the answer lies on YOU, in order to get paid for online survey. Do the research and dig more information not just relying on reviews which may turn out a company self-review to invite more online survey employee.

What is the best paid survey site?

Make an online market research. In that way you can create a list of possible cash survey companies that are legit. Here’s how to do it:

• Create an excel list of paid survey sites as many as you can research.

• Identify gather the advantages and disadvantages of each.

• Locate reviews about the company that specialize in opinion survey whether good or bad reviews.

• Narrow your list up to top 3 survey companies.

• Weigh and differentiate which is more beneficial to you.

By making a thorough research, you can justify to yourself what is the best paid survey site.



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