Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pin Cracker For Cellphone Surveys (Instant)

Pin Cracker For Cellphone Surveys (Instant)
Click Here To Bypass Survey [FREE]

After you sign up send me a pm

This Firefox addon allows the user to auto-crack a pin that is sent to the phone number that is typed.

Firefox Download – http://lnk.co/G1DTA

Greasemonkey Download – http://lnk.co/G1DTG

PinBot Download – http://lnk.co/G1DTL

For a tutorial on installing Greasemonkey, visit http://lnk.co/FNSCE. Download the Greasemonkey add on, then the Pin Bot, then all you must do is go to a supported cellphone survey.

Surveys Supported (Links are just examples):

(offerpal-mobile-is your partner cheating on you)


(offerpal-mobile-Are you a Moron)

(offerpal-mobile-Are you a Genius)


(offerpal-mobile-Are you a Reality Star)


(offerwall-mobile-Marassa Voodoo)


(prizerebel-QUIZ CLUB)

Pin Cracker For Cellphone Surveys (Instant)


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